- Prototypes 2


Basilisk returns with Prototypes 2, the second edition of a new mix series probing the depths of progressive trance history in a live setting. Expect to hear a smoothly mixed selection of classic tunes from the intersection of progressive house, progressive trance, and progressive psytrance at the turn of the millennium.

- Prototypes 1


Prototypes 1 is a retrospective journey into classic progressive house and trance from the early years of the new millennium. Basilisk is more widely known for mixing various forms of psytrance but also enjoys sharing diverse selections from many other styles of electronic dance music. Here he is also indulging in an abiding interest in shining a light on music history, sourcing sounds not commonly heard on the dance floors of today.

- Knights of Manila


Synaptic FX makes his first appearance in Manila with this set performed on the rooftops of Makati. Expect to hear his signature blend of deep house, ethereal techno, and hypnotic trance with over two hours of enchanting and evocative sounds from across the spectrum of underground electronic dance music.

Album Artwork: 7


I haven’t dabbled in graphic design for quite some time but ended up completing a project on the penultimate day of 2016. Here you can see the album artwork for Xamanist’s second studio album, 7, a name chosen for several reasons. It has been 7 years since his debut was released and it also contains 7 tracks. I also happened to finish the artwork at 7 in the morning and began around midnight so there’s that too. It was a rushed job to ensure that the album was actually released in the 2016 calendar year—otherwise the chain of sevens would have been broken!

- Concrete Dreams


Synaptic FX’s Concrete Dreams showcases the contemporary psychedelic techno sound of Techgnosis Records, Digital Diamonds, Blind Arc, and friends. Deep, pumping beats, edgy bass lines, and dark, bewitching atmospheres can be heard throughout the mix.

- Parasomniac


Parasomniac features a deep and dreamy blend of house, techno, and trance designed to hypnotize and enchant. This set was completely unscripted, as usual, but some of the selections and transitions might seem a bit dodgy—I was totally dead on my feet that night, somewhere between waking and dreaming.

- Forbidden Harvest


This mix contains a deep and scintillating blend of house, techno, and trance music performed live on the Dadu Plateau in Taichung for the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016. Dadu Plateau guards the approach to much of central Taiwan and is home to many abandoned Japanese and KMT military installations, hence the name.

- Heat Sync


Heat Sync opens on a deep and moody note before heading off into darker territory with tough and brawny psychedelic techno and trance, bringing the dance floor to a boil. As with all my sets performed live, this one was completely unscripted.

- Subterranean Sounds


Deep and mysterious sounds from the underground, smoothly flowing from dark and dreamy to warm and melodic by the very end. Rooted in progressive house but informed by deep house and progressive techno, this short recording covers a lot of territory without losing the plot.