TIP Orange

TIP Orange landed in the summer of 1995, following hot on the heels of the incredible Yellow Compilation. This sophomore collection contains another strong batch of sizzling Goa trance classics: Angelic Particles, Mars Needs Women, Let There Be Light, Alien Airport, and Intellect among them. While it is much more diverse than Yellow, it is…


- World of Illusions

Koxbox released World of Illusions on an obscure British label by the name of WTP (short for “Where’s The Party”) in 1993. A year later they were successfully courted by Sven Väth’s famous Harthouse label, where the group (then consisting of Frank E, Peter Candy, and Ian Ion) began to establish their reputation as one…


Outside the Reactor

Blue Room Released was founded by Simon Ghahary in 1994 to provide a “futuristic soundtrack” for the trailblazing loudspeaker company of the same name. Outside the Reactor, their first full-length release, was compiled by Mike Maguire, who remains entirely faithful to this mission. His selections trend toward the more techno-oriented side of trance music, and…


Echölab - Real Delay

Echölab is a collaboration between two Swedish trance veterans: Tomasz Balicki (Atmos) and Henrik Jonsson (Stress Assassin). They first worked together on the Overlap album released on Flying Rhino Records back in 2001. This record appears to be their last; the project has been inactive ever since.