Synaptic FX is a versatile DJ from Canada exploring a deep and artful blend of techno, house, and electro, always formulated to conjure limitless magic on the dance floor. With an ear for diverse and tasteful selections, his sets range widely from smooth progressive house to twisted psychedelic techno, or from pulsating electro breaks to 80s-inflected indie dance and the darker side of nu-disco.

Full Bio

Synaptic FX is a versatile DJ from Canada with more than 15 years in the mixing arts. With roots in the psytrance scene, he discovered the likes of Gui Boratto, Robert Babicz, and Max Cooper in the late 2000s, and founded a new project to explore the more melodic side of underground house and techno. Soon thereafter he delved into the emerging fusion of deep house, nu-disco, and pop techno typified by Maceo Plex, Chaim, and Visionquest, integrating these sounds and influences with smooth progressive house and twisted psychedelic techno to conjure a unique blend of styles all his own. Nowadays he continues to map territory at the leading edge of deep and artful electronic dance music, always with the aim of conjuring magic on the dance floor by presenting fresh material with a distinctly timeless quality without regard for musical boundaries.

On the label front, Synaptic FX co-founded Techgnosis Records alongside Ben Rama in 2015, intent on carving a niche at the intersection of progressive techno and the deeper end of dark and moody psychedelic trance. The label has become home to an expanding roster of artists including Flembaz, MYDÄ, Trilingo, Luis M, Ken Zo, Frezel, and Pallida, all of whom can be heard in some of Synaptic FX’s more mind-altering sets.

Although proficient in both vinyl and CD mixing, Synaptic FX now employs a laptop and MIDI controller to maximize the creative potential of his sets with harmonic mixing and an expert use of layering and effects across long, smoothly-blended transitions. Every performance is completely improvised, remaining true to the old school concept of DJing in response to feedback from the dance floor.

Selected Mixes

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Behind the Scenes

This project, officially founded in 2011, grew out of an interest in exploring musical territory incompatible with my work as Basilisk. Initially I was keen to experiment with house music influences and full vocals, something I’ve always shied away from, but my selections became somewhat more hypnotic and less pop-friendly as time wore on. A distinctive Synaptic FX style was established with the introduction of more progressive house and psychedelic techno into my sets around 2015. The musical scope broadened but the time horizon remained about the same; this project is mainly focused on current music rather than the more nostalgic selections I’m known for under other names.


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