- Earthfest 2015


Synaptic FX serves up a sizzling blend of neotrance, melodic techno, and progressive psytrance with Earthfest 2015, recorded live in the mountains of central Taiwan. This set showcases a lot of material from the Ektoplazm web site, particularly from the Digital Diamonds netlabel, as well as three unreleased tunes destined for release on Ben Rama’s newly-minted imprint, Techgnosis Records.

Track List

  1. Der Interpret – Landfall [Traum Schallplatten]
  2. Spektre – Reverion [Toolroom Records]
  3. Flembaz – Lichen [Blind Arc]
  4. Trilingo – Kalix [Digital Diamonds]
  5. Trilingo – Luzoba (Ben Rama Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
  6. Ark-E-Tech & Mecca – Look at Yourself [Bassic Records]
  7. Zentrix – Dust (MYDÄ Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
  8. Boris Brejcha – Spacecraft to Mars [Harthouse Mannheim]
  9. Stephan Bodzin – Ix [Herzblut Recordings]
  10. Flembaz – Lubrsune [Digital Diamonds]
  11. Stoertebeker – Artificial Structures [Techgnosis Records]
  12. Ben Rama – Emergent [Digital Diamonds]
  13. MYDÄ – Offtopic [Digital Diamonds]
  14. Beat Bizarre – Amplifucked [Iboga Records]
  15. Alic – Ma Soul [Digital Diamonds]
  16. Oliver Lieb – Altiplano [Fris!]
  17. Flembaz – Orobas (Ken Zo Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
  18. Stoertebeker – Setzt Die Segel [Techgnosis Records]
  19. Daäna – Absentia [Digital Diamonds]
  20. Extrawelt & Dominik Eulberg – A Little Further (Not on a Map) [Cocoon Recordings]


  • Recorded mostly live at Earthfest 2015 in Nantou, Taiwan.
  • Due to technical issues with the original recording the last third of the mix was re-recorded at Head Shop Studios II in Zhongli, Taiwan, with a slightly different set of tracks.
  • Tagline: a sizzling blend of neotrance, melodic techno, and progressive psytrance.
  • Originally released as a Basilisk mix.
  • 13,000 downloads and 14,000 listens as of March 2019.