- Concrete Dreams


Synaptic FX’s Concrete Dreams showcases the contemporary psychedelic techno sound of Techgnosis Records, Digital Diamonds, Blind Arc, and friends. Deep, pumping beats, edgy bass lines, and dark, bewitching atmospheres can be heard throughout the mix.

Track List

  1. Ben Rama – VALIS [Digital Diamonds]
  2. Progus – Arus [Blind Arc]
  3. Luis M – Interferenz [Digital Diamonds]
  4. Alic – Ostkreuz [Techgnosis Records]
  5. MYDÄ – Wawawikked [Techgnosis Records]
  6. Bratenschneider – Destiny [Digital Diamonds]
  7. Spektre – The Grudge [Phobiq Recordings]
  8. Quite K – Vasya Exhale (Excizen Remix) [Horns and Hoofs Entertainment]
  9. Snok – The Planescape [Blind Arc]
  10. Jitter – Acida [Digital Diamonds]
  11. Sensient – There Will Be Mud [Zenon Records]
  12. Flembaz – Dungeons & Dragons [ADN Music]
  13. Triforce – Misty Moon (Doppel Remix) [Bassic Records]
  14. Luis M – Chang3 [Blind Arc]
  15. Stoertebeker – Setzt Die Segel (Terrakroma Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
  16. Ben Rama – Initiate (Trilingo Remix) [Techgnosis Records]
  17. Ken Zo – Gordon Dawat [Techgnosis Records]


  • Recorded live at Korner in Taipei, Taiwan, on December 17th, 2016.
  • Originally released as a Basilisk mix, but I was billed as Synaptic FX.
  • Cover design based on original photography shot in Nantou, Taiwan.

Synaptic FX

Synaptic FX is a veteran DJ from Canada exploring the luminous borderlands of underground house, techno, and electro. With decades of experience behind the decks, his smoothly-mixed sets feature everything from deep house and glistening progressive trance to twisted psychedelic techno and acid-drenched electro breaks. Despite ranging widely in his selections, Synaptic FX remains dedicated to a singular objective: conjuring…

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