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Prototypes 1 is a retrospective journey into classic progressive house and trance from the early years of the new millennium. DJ Basilisk is more widely known for mixing various forms of psytrance but also enjoys sharing diverse selections from many other styles of electronic dance music. Here he is also indulging in an abiding interest in shining a light on music history, sourcing sounds not commonly heard on the dance floors of today.

Track List

  1. The MFA – Two Billion Year Journey (Dirty Fours Mix) [EQ] (2004)
  2. Krüger & Coyle – Space Boy [Iboga Records] (2004)
  3. Vision & Canedy – Check The Sound [Rip N Burn] (2005)
  4. Mainline – Narcotic [Bedrock Records] (2000)
  5. Minilogue – In a Deeper Motion [Baroque Records] (2002)
  6. Dub Disaster – Sausage Dip (Philo Remix) [Avalanche Records] (2004)
  7. Katai – Turn of Time (Dub Mix) [Vapour Recordings] (2002)
  8. True To Nature – In My Room [Echoes Records] (2007)
  9. Shmuel Flash – Chilling Moments (Bedrock Dub) [Bedrock Records] (2002)
  10. Circulation – Turquoise (Different Gear Remix) [Hooj Choons] (2001)
  11. Amber – Anyway (Steve Porter’s Mix 2) [Bedrock Records] (2003)
  12. Atlas – Compass Error (Tarrentella & Redanka Remake) [Plastica] (2002)
  13. Perry O’Neil – Numb [Electronic Elements] (2005)
  14. Medway – Resurrection (Chris & Kai Remix) [Release Grooves] (2005)
  15. Guy J – Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) [Bedrock Records] (2009)


  • Recorded live at Korner on March 25th, 2017.
  • Original photography shot in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Basilisk @ All Stars 2010

DJ Basilisk

DJ Basilisk is the founder of the Ektoplazm label group and distribution portal, one of the leading psytrance web sites, and a veteran DJ with broad musical interests. After learning to spin vinyl records in the late 1990s he developed a smooth mixing style based on long, harmonic transitions. In 2009 he upgraded to an entirely digital setup to maximize…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your music and your talent. Kudos to you and your team cheers from Canada lot’s of love —> @DJRYaN30

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