- Spacecamp Psyfari 2014


This set was recorded live at Spacecamp Psyfari in Iowa, USA, on the morning of August 24th, 2014, featuring 100% Creative Commons-licensed music from Ektoplazm. I began at sunrise, transitioning from a night of hard and heavy hi-tech into full-on psychedelic morning trance by the very end, touching on darkpsy, forest, twilight, new school Goa trance, and a hint of Suomi-style madness along the way. As always this set was completely unscripted, a product of the moment. I let intuition be my guide and this adventurous romp through the many styles of upbeat psytrance is the result!

Track List

  1. M.Y. Project – Choose Your Destiny [Psymoon Records]
  2. Goch – Reckless Tree [Biijah Records]
  3. Tom Noise – Double Trip Tip [Forest Freaks]
  4. Illustrator – Secret Vibes [Psynon Records]
  5. Re-Horakty – Confession [Rising Sun Crew]
  6. Pararhythm – Night Watchers [Mystical Waves Records]
  7. Overdream – Zurna [Sun Station Records]
  8. Wirrareka & Chors – Horizon [Timeflux Records]
  9. Soladria – System Surfer [People of the Butterflies]
  10. Kadasarva – Ginger [Sun Station Records]
  11. SubConsciousMind – iRemberem oGa [Ektoplazm]
  12. Cybernetika – Plasmoid [Independent]
  13. Nova Fractal – Perplexed [Neogoa / Underground Alien Factory Records]
  14. BlackStarrFinale – A New Name [Neogoa]
  15. Escape Into – H.N.I. [Ektoplazm]
  16. Wizack Twizack – Expanding [Independent]
  17. Talpa – As U Can Hear [Grotesque Records]
  18. Jirah – The Inexpressible [Sun Station Records]


  • Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. This is only possible because the licensing of the original material allows for it!
  • Artwork credit: Pwny LaMare. I saw this painting on site and later asked to use it for the cover to make a connection to the specific time and place where this set was performed.
  • This festival was a wild one, held way out in rural Iowa in a county with no noise ordinances. I happened to be playing sometime after sunrise so the darkness of the music may seem suspect—but you have to understand that Midwesterners party hard. So yeah, it got a little weird out there.
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