- Replicant Redux


Replicant Redux is a tribute to the grim futuristic mood of tech noir, an artistic style of literature and film best known from the movie Blade Runner. The flow of the set is programmed like a descent into dark realms of the imagination, beginning with a series of synthetic progressive grooves. From here, increasingly mechanical techtrance rhythms vividly flesh out the concept, and the storyline drifts down into the deepest realms of richly cinematic psychedelic techno. A trio of increasingly atmospheric tracks lead the mix to a thoughtful denouement.

Track List

  1. Nyquist – Flatline [Plusquam Records]
  2. Sativa – Clean Machine [B.P.F. Records]
  3. La Baaz – Scrool [Sub Machine Records]
  4. Luna Spice – Melodeep (Into Mix) [Cold Groove Records]
  5. Phony Orphants – Global Wonderground (Llopis Remix) [Iboga Records]
  6. Tetraktys – Migration [Sub Machine Records]
  7. Spirallianz – Bitnapped [Spirit Zone Recordings]
  8. Ticon – We Are the Mammoth Hunters (BLT Remix) [HOMmega Productions]
  9. Sensient – Sublime [Groove Zone Records]
  10. Tetraktys – Quiet [Aeon Records]
  11. Opsis – Just Like Breathing [Headstick Records]
  12. X-Dream – Psychomachine (Midi Miliz Remix) [Moonflower Productions]
  13. Juno Reactor – Mutant Message [Metropolis Records]
  14. Kiwa – Lahti Skyline [Surreal Audio]


  • Recorded on May 14th, 2005, at Junction Studio, Toronto.
  • This was one of several early mixes also distributed on CD-r with a back cover image.
  • 15,000 downloads as of March 2019.