- Live at Re:Generate 2011


This set was recorded live at Re:Generate, the name chosen by the Om Reunion Project to set the mood for their summer solstice gathering in 2011. I was scheduled to play on Sunday morning at the Moon Bass stage, a great little setup in a forest clearing on a beautiful piece of land in Southern Ontario. It felt like the right space and time to take a trip into the history of the psychedelic trance subculture so I mixed up a diverse assortment of old school Goa trance classics after sunrise. As always, this set was completely improvised; absolutely nothing was planned prior to stepping on stage to ready my equipment. This musical experience was co-created with a fantastic crowd of people who emerged from the woods to dance with enthusiasm to these old school gems.

Track List

  1. Pleiadians – Time Dilation [Matsuri Productions] (1996)
  2. Kaaya – Circular Sanctuary [Dragonfly Records] (1996)
  3. Deviant Electronics – When Then is Now [Helix Records] (1997)
  4. Etnica – Trip Tonite [Blue Room Released] (1996)
  5. Tarsis – The Snake [Spirit Zone Recordings] (1998)
  6. Chi-A.D. – Anno Domini [Nova Tekk] (1999)
  7. Man With No Name – Teleport [Dragonfly Records] (1994)
  8. The Infinity Project – Stimuli [TIP Records] (1994)
  9. Astral Projection – No One Ever Dreams [Transient Records] (1997)
  10. Rainbow Spirit – Prana [Polytox Records] (1995)
  11. Art of Trance – Octopus (Man With No Name Remix) [Platipus Records] (1995)
  12. Hallucinogen – Soothsayer [TIP Records] (1995)
  13. Pleiadians – Merope [Dragonfly Records] (1997)
  14. X-Dream – Our Own Happiness [Tunnel Records] (1996)
  15. Elysium & DJ Cosmix – The Vision (Oforia Remix) [3D Vision Records] (1999)
  16. Phreaky – Over the Moon [Dragonfly Records] (1996)
  17. Transwave – Cycles of Life [Symbiosis Records] (1995)
  18. Green Nuns of the Revolution – Cor [TIP Records] (1995)
  19. MFG – Peaceful Relaxation [Phonokol] (1997)
  20. Chi-A.D. – Astral Warrior (Remix) [Nova Tekk] (1998)
  21. Cosmosis – Telekinetic [Return To The Source] (1996)
  22. Dimension 5 – Limitless Dimension [Blue Moon Productions] (1998)
  23. Hallucinogen – LSD (Live Mix) [Dragonfly Records] (1995)


  • The cover photo features geometric designs by Cosmo Guffa. If you look closely you might be able to see my name on the schedule in the background.
  • Even I am a little amazed at how well this set came together given how unplanned it was. All I had to work with was a playlist of about 500 tracks and deep familiarity with the material.
  • The opening sample is from Jim Morrison’s An American Prayer. Pleiadians AKA Etnica loved to sprinkle samples from this album into their work so I riffed on that, manipulating sounds with Traktor’s built-in effects to make it sound like part of the introductory track.
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