- Octopus Marmalade


Octopus Marmalade is an exploration of the light and funky side of progressive psychedelic trance. These tracks were chosen for their intricate rhythmic programming, deep and groovy bass lines, warm summer melodies, and laid-back atmospheres. Instead of being a peak-time party mix, this one is crafted with smooth harmonic mixing for background listening in the car or at home.

Track List

  1. Tetraktys – Burning Palace [Groove Zone Records]
  2. Auricular – Brilliant Cut [Plusquam Records]
  3. Gaudium – Walking in Circles [Spiral Trax]
  4. Element – Go This Way [Avalanche Records]
  5. Ticon – Groovin the Bed [Digital Structures]
  6. Kooler – Awake [Kamaflage Records]
  7. Vibrasphere – Funk the Trunk [Dragonfly Records]
  8. Frogacult – Back to the Woods [Iboga Records]
  9. Magnetrixx – Filigran [AP Records]
  10. Kiwa – Sidechained [Surreal Audio]
  11. Tegma – Wandala [Plusquam Records]
  12. Buzzmonx – All You Can Eat [Plusquam Records]
  13. NASA – Someone to Watch Over Me [Domo Records]
  14. Jaïa – Eyengui [Digital Structures]
  15. Motion – Interference [Sub Machine Records]
  16. Hallucinogen – Bubble ‘n Tweak [Solstice Music]
  17. Alternate Vision vs Z-Man – Back to Reality [Turbo Trance Records]


  • Recorded on January 22nd, 2006, at Junction Studio, Toronto.
  • Several tracks considered for inclusion but eventually discarded: Phony Orphants – Rise; Yotopia & Lish – Intoxicated; FREq – Carbon-Based Lifeform (Sun Control Species Remix); Sensifeel – Back to the Future (FREq Remix); Ticon – Reflections; Son Kite – Jukebox. That Ticon song is actually what prompted me to learn about harmonic mixing, for I couldn’t find any way to blend it into a set without sounding sour. Turns out it’s in F-sharp minor, right in the middle of a somewhat underpopulated part of the harmonic spectrum, which explained why I was having such terrible luck finding anything that would mix into it nicely.
  • 16,000 downloads as of March 2019.
  • This was one of several early mixes made for distribution on CD-r. I used to give these out at gigs and festivals, typically with a printed slip. If you’re interested in the back cover, it is available here.