- Nocturnal Wanderlust


Nocturnal Wanderlust is a thoughtfully orchestrated journey through the deeper realms of psychedelic trance with special emphasis on showcasing a smooth and sublime progressive style. Conceptually, the story line unfolds as a descent into the inner world of dreams, reaching a hypnotic state of trance near the heart of the mix with Noma’s tranquil Avoid the Future, and gradually rising through tribal-organic sound textures to awaken on the other side of night with Etnoscope’s Sunrise.

Track List

This is the track listing for the full-length copy available on Mixcloud:

  1. Lunaspice – Dreaming or Awake [Sub Machine Records]
  2. FREq – Dreaming [Ov Silence Records]
  3. Shaman – Random Shape [Plusquam Records]
  4. Neelix – Interact [Sinn-Tec Recordings]
  5. Phony Orphants – Petanque [Sub Machine Records]
  6. 12 Moons – The Collective [Candyflip Records]
  7. Matenda – Dream Cruiser [Flow Records]
  8. Noma – Avoid the Future [Spiral Trax]
  9. Prisoners of the Sun – Polish Lips [Tribal Vision Records]
  10. Vibrasphere – Infusion [Digital Structures]
  11. Segment – We Sold Our Souls (Ololiuqui Remix) [Z.M.A. Records]
  12. Son Kite – Sunset Street [Digital Structures]
  13. BLT – Graceful Dead [Tokyo Dance]
  14. M-Sphere – Roots [Midijum Records]
  15. Etnoscope – Sunrise [Digital Structures]
  16. Entheogenic – Habitual Overtones [C.O.R.N. Recordings]

This is the track listing for the CD-length edit available for download and on SoundCloud:

  1. FREq – Dreaming [Ov Silence Records]
  2. Shaman – Random Shape [Plusquam Records]
  3. Neelix – Interact [Sinn-Tec Recordings]
  4. Phony Orphants – Petanque [Sub Machine Records]
  5. 12 Moons – The Collective [Candyflip Records]
  6. Matenda – Dream Cruiser [Flow Records]
  7. Noma – Avoid the Future [Spiral Trax]
  8. Prisoners of the Sun – Polish Lips [Tribal Vision Records]
  9. Vibrasphere – Infusion [Digital Structures]
  10. Segment – We Sold Our Souls (Ololiuqui Remix) [Z.M.A. Records]
  11. Son Kite – Sunset Street [Digital Structures]
  12. BLT – Graceful Dead [Tokyo Dance]
  13. M-Sphere – Roots [Midijum Records]
  14. Etnoscope – Sunrise [Digital Structures]


  • Recorded on March 5th, 2005, at Junction Studio, Toronto, on a pair of Pioneer CDJ-100s and a Technics 1200 turntable.
  • The turntable was used to include the track by Noma, which is exclusive to vinyl.
  • There are two copies of this mix in circulation: the full-length version and a CD-length edit. I wasn’t able to find a lossless copy of the original full-length version so I’ve only made the CD-length edit available for download. The full-length version appears only on Mixcloud.
  • The cover design seen here is not the original; this version, which features a night-time shot of English Bay in Vancouver, was created several years later.
  • At this point in time I hadn’t discovered harmonic mixing theory so there are some sour notes and awkward transitions throughout the mix.
  • 15,000 downloads as of March 2019.
Basilisk @ All Stars 2010

DJ Basilisk

DJ Basilisk is the founder of the Ektoplazm label group and distribution portal, one of the leading psytrance web sites, and a veteran DJ with broad musical interests. After learning to spin vinyl records in the late 1990s he developed a smooth mixing style based on long, harmonic transitions. In 2009 he upgraded to an entirely digital setup to maximize…


  1. Noma and Etnoscape rules… Do you know some similar producers?

    Your mixes are flawless by the way… Very clear and supplemental.

    Matija, Croatia

  2. Session much quality in their selection and mixing music.

    Wearing a development from start to finish and get envolverte in an atmosphere of peace of mind and tranquility.

    Ultimately few sessions can be heard on the network with this quality.


  3. hi!

    just few littles words….from France….to say…..your music in my heart !!
    your djmixs turns very often in my appartment,in my car….. and it’s ever a pleasure to hear them!!
    many best regards..

    ben. 😉 🙂 ,)

  4. i like your mixes very much… almost all of them are realy great pieces and almost all are of my test. i used to l them from alternate saurces not from this site so now i see that you also have very creative covers for those mixes! respect friend!

  5. oh wonderful… noma’s AVOID THE FUTURE is in the mix… i love this track… but unfortunately its never published at CD or digital… :(((

    has anybody an idea?

  6. Ok so me and Stu…2 drops and a chunk home system.this was the bes t journey I’ve ever been on.so unpredictable.awesome mixing.we have seen hundreds of sets between us, but this blew us away.we stomped non stop, created some mad visuals too! Trying to download more of your sets but having a bit of trouble.thanx from two old trippers

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