- Live at Harvest 2006


This is the live recording of my set at Harvest 2006. I was opening the trance tent at 9:00 pm on the night of the festival so my intention was to get things started right, beginning with an old favourite from 1992. From there the set develops into progressive house and trance territory, keeping it all fairly low-key. The final half hour picks up the pace, taking the crowd on an electro house-influenced rollercoaster ride designed to get everyone pumped and psyched for a full night of dancing and celebration.

Track List

  1. Orbital – Halcyon + On + On [FFRR/Internal]
  2. Roman Rai – Comet [Groove Zone Records]
  3. André Absolut – Lost & Found [Plusquam Records]
  4. Eelke Kleijn – Deeper Depths [High Fidelity]
  5. Shuma – Technology [Groove Control]
  6. Krüger & Coyle – Kiwi Rider [ACDC Records]
  7. Vagua – Moment [Aeon Records]
  8. Tetraktys – Interstellar Overdrive (Motion Remix) [Groove Zone]
  9. Antix – Cold Nights [Iboga Records]
  10. Prisoners of the Sun – Botox Party [Tribal Vision Records]
  11. Ryan Halifax – Clouds in My Coffee [Vertikal Records]
  12. Spanner – Pagan Pulse [Flow Records]
  13. Solead – Lay Down [Tribal Vision Records]
  14. Ticon – In Stereo [Digital Structures]
  15. Son Kite – Gazing at the Sun (Parham & Plaza Remix) [Moonflower Productions]
  16. James Monro – Psycho [Flow Records]
  17. Kooler – Superstar [Kamaflage Records]
  18. D-Nox & Beckers – You’re a Star (Club Version) [Stargate Recordings]


  • Recorded live at Harvest Festival in Ontario on September 16th, 2006. Length: 95 minutes.
  • Original photo credit: Mariazmess. Yes, it’s a little dark and grainy—it’s from 2006.
  • 16,000 downloads as of March 2019.