- Live at Dreamcatcher


This set was recorded live at the Om Reunion Project’s winter solstice celebration, Dreamcatcher, held on December 19th, 2008, in Toronto, Canada. The style is a frosty blend of progressive house, psychedelic techno, and deep trance influences mixed and arranged on CD decks. The scope is somewhat limited as it is a relatively short set, but there is some progression from the industrial breakbeats of the opener to the smooth and entrancing finish.

Track List

  1. Extrawelt – Added Planet [Cocoon Recordings]
  2. Ticon – Spitfire [Digital Structures]
  3. Vibrasphere – 102 Miles From Here (Solead Remix) [Tribal Vision Records]
  4. Saiko-Pod – Electroid Sheep (Audio Junkies Remix) [Iboga Records]
  5. N.A.S.A. – Menage a Trois [Pure Perception Records]
  6. Duca – Disko [Blue Tunes Recordings]
  7. Khainz – Kruemel [Echoes Records]
  8. Pion – Busted [Ultra Groove Records]
  9. Perfect Stranger – W [Iboga Records]
  10. Solar Fields – On a Wind [Spiral Trax]
  11. Motion feat. Lolivier – How High [Cold Groove Records]
  12. Fiord – Keen String [Open Records]
  13. Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf – The World is Our Oyster (BBE Mix) [Iboga Records]


  • Tagline: A frosty blend of minimal techno, progressive house, and deep psychedelic trance.
  • Some versions of this mix were distributed with a photo by AyelVee. The version featured here is an original photograph from a blackout in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto.
  • 18,000+ downloads as of March 2019.