- Live at Dark Matter 2


This is the live recording from my set at Dark Matter 2, an indoor party held in Toronto on June 9th, 2007. Featured here are several different styles of full-on psychedelic trance, moving from dark and aggressive beats through a series of heavy hitters into an upbeat and euphoric conclusion. With a full two hours to work with, I was able to orchestrate a complete tour of the harmonic spectrum, eventually ending with a song from Logic Bomb’s new album, just as the set began. I would like to dedicate this one to all those who came out on Saturday and gave their best on the dance floor. It was a small party, but we all had a blast!

Track List

  1. Logic Bomb – Life is a Progressbar [Solstice Music]
  2. Seroxat – Dark Days [Noize Conspiracy Records]
  3. Phatmatix – Samurai [Yabai Records]
  4. CPU – Dark Matter [Materia Records/Vaso Music]
  5. Shift – Cerebral Cortex (Remix) [Noize Conspiracy Records]
  6. NRS – Dark Deeds [Last Possible Solution]
  7. Penta – Tollkorn [Dropout Productions]
  8. Hux Flux – Post 100 [Mind Funk Music]
  9. Hujaboy – Party Animals [TIP.World]
  10. Infected Mushroom – Vicious Delicious [BNE/YoYo Records]
  11. Xerox & Illumination – The Beast Within [HOMmega Productions]
  12. Space Cat vs Dimitri Nakov – Techno Logic [Solstice Music]
  13. Electric Universe – In Common Fabrics [Planet B.E.N. Records]
  14. Aphid Moon – Another Planet [Groove Criminals Records]
  15. Space Cat – Kreak Part 2 [H2O Records]
  16. Mekkanikka – Flam It [Nutek Records]
  17. Talamasca – Roswell Mania [Mind Control Records]
  18. Prometheus – 9th (The Man Who Swam Through a Speaker) [Twisted Records]
  19. Altöm vs Wizzy Noise – Fifty-Fifty [Liquid & Solid Records]
  20. Logic Bomb – Ansi [Solstice Music]


  • Mixed on a pair of Pioneer CD decks on June 9th, 2007.
  • The cover design features an original photograph shot in 2007. The original cover featured a photo from the party but the source material was lost.
  • 29,000 downloads as of March 2019.