- Circadian Rhythms


Circadian Rhythms is a meditation on the passage of time and an exercise in musical archeology. Mixing live on four decks, Basilisk skillfully blends some of the finest mid-tempo Goa trance classics of the 1990s with dub techno, deep trance, progressive house, psychedelic breakbeats. Holding steady at or around 120 beats per minute, the deep frequencies of this mix evoke the heartbeat of creation, taking the listener on a full journey through day into night and back again.

Track List

  1. Banco de Gaia – Seti I [Six Degrees Records] (2000)
  2. Turban Bloc – As Above So Below [Blue Room Released] (1997)
  3. Dubbelhelix – Magic Night [Spirit Zone Recordings] (2002)
  4. B-Zet – Le Tonners Dans Les Plumes Voir [Eye-Q Records] (1995)
  5. Robert Leiner – Out of Control [Apollo] (1994)
  6. Eternal Basement – Overture [Blue Room Released] (2000)
  7. Cydonia – Narco Nympho [Blue Room Released] (1999)
  8. Orion – Highway [Symbiosis Records] (1997)
  9. Total Eclipse – Nakano Ghost [Twisted Records] (1998)
  10. Elysium & DJ Cosmix – The Vision [Transient Records] (1997)
  11. Zodiac Youth – Fast Forward the Future (Voodoo People Remix) [Dragonfly Records] (1996)
  12. Future Human Unity – Freeway [POF Music] (1998)
  13. Adrenalin Drum – Shadowland [Unnatural Recordings] (1997)
  14. Total Eclipse – Nautilus [Blue Room Released] (1995)
  15. Transwave – Ulysse (Voyage 2) [Distance] (1996)
  16. Man With No Name – Cairo [Concept In Dance] (1996)
  17. Total Eclipse – Time Drops [Blue Room Released] (1996)
  18. Ololiuqui – Electrofant [Spirit Zone Recordings] (1997)
  19. Banco de Gaia – Gamelah (Dub 3) [Planet Dog] (1994)
  20. Djum Djum – Difference (Steng Mix) [Rough Trade Germany] (1990)
  21. Shpongle – Behind Closed Eyelids [TIP Records] (1997)
  22. Prana & Eat Static – Geomantik [Matsuri Productions] (1997)
  23. Saafi Brothers – Sweet Sirenes [Blue Room Released] (1997)
  24. Ascendence – The Lost Track [Qube] (2000)
  25. Doof – Sticks and Stones [Gliss/Dubmission Records] (1998)
  26. Nomads of Dub – Spirals [Twisted Records] (1998)
  27. The Infinity Project – When Sound Becomes Colour [Blue Room Released] (1995)


  • Mixed and arranged on four decks in Traktor with a Korg Nanokontrol controller in January 2012.
  • Artwork by Basilisk featuring Creative Commons-licensed photographs by vincen-t and Chris Dlugosz.
  • Several of the less familiar names in the track list are aliases and side projects of more well-known artists: Turban Bloc is Gus Till; Dubbelhelix is Michael Kohlbecker and Jam El Mar; Djum Djum’s track was co-produced with Neil Barnes of Leftfield; Ascendence is David Österberg of Lucky People Center; and Nomads of Dub is Nick Barber AKA Doof and Simon Posford.
  • Both the title of the mix and allusions to heartbeats are references to Douglas Rushkoff’s Cyberia, published in 1994. I’ll include the relevant quotation below.
  • 20,000 downloads and 2,800 listens.
The ultimate phase-locking occurs in the dance itself, where thousands of these ‘like-minded’ young people play out house culture’s tribal ceremony. The dance links everyone together in a synchronous moment. They’re on the same drugs, in the same circadian rhythm, dancing to the same 120-beat-per-minute soundtrack. They are fully synchronized. It’s at these moments that the new reality is spontaneously developed.
Douglass Rushkoff, Cyberia, 1994