Free Music Toolkit 2010

I rely on many different applications and utilities to keep my web sites running and the free music flowing. Here I have compiled a list of some of the more important software that I use to publish music and maintain Ektoplazm. This list is for my reference as much as yours; I might need to refer back to this post whenever I am travelling and wish to update the site remotely. Everything listed here should be compatible with Windows XP, which I’m still using as of 2010.

EAC Tips and Tricks


EAC or Exact Audio Copy is a very handy tool for music fans. Every time I receive an order of new CDs, the very first thing I do is rip and burn two copies of every CD–one for the backup spool, and one for the binder that I bring out to gigs. Making backups and copies for playing out ensures that originals will stay in the very best condition. Additionally, as a DJ, it is a sensible precaution to avoid taking originals from your home. It is every DJ’s nightmare to have their record bag or CD wallet stolen, but nowadays, the risk can be minimized. This article compiles some tips and tricks I’ve picked up from using the software, which also has several uses beyond merely backing up your discs.