Progressive Chart: 2009/10

October was an incredibly busy month for me—with more major gigs in a single month than I’ve ever had before—and November isn’t likely to be any less hectic! I missed out on posting a monthly progressive/techno chart but it’s never too late, is it? Here are 20 cuts that really worked wonders on my stereo

Progressive Chart: 2009/09

Summer is almost gone and I’m in school again. This hasn’t restrained my explorations of new music, however, and I continue to dig deep into the emerging fusion of psytrance and techno that I’ve been so excited about recently. So here you have it: a set of 20 tunes that have been circulating on my

Progressive Chart: 2009/08

After playing four festivals this season—Sacred Earth, Entheos, Eclipse, and All Stars—I am gearing up for my fifth and final open air event of the season: Harvest. Barring any unforeseen changes to the schedule I will be playing the closing set at the psytrance stage, a perfect time for the techno/psytrance crossover style that I

Progressive Chart: 2009/07

I return again to share a 25 recommendations from the progressive side of psytrance–where the genre bleeds into cutting edge techno. “Progressive” is a word with several meanings; it describes a specific sound as well as an approach to writing music. Truly progressive music must integrate new ideas and influences to remain viable. Consequently, there

Dark Psytrance Chart: 2009/02

Here I have collected a list of thirteen killer tunes from the dark side of psychedelic trance. Most of these were purchased on CD from Saikosounds, my main physical media supplier these days. In alphabetical order by artist name:

Progressive Chart: 2009/02

Here is another list of twenty progressive tunes that have been rocking the speakers here at Ektoplazm in recent months. Most can be purchased at the regular digital download shops but some were released exclusively on CD.

Ektoplazm: The Best Albums of 2008

2008 was a fantastic year for free music. Now, having had more than a month to reflect, I have compiled a list of personal highlights. I’ll own up to being involved in some of these projects in some capacity or another, but this bias shouldn’t come as a surprise—I wouldn’t be working so closely on

Progressive Chart: 2008/10

The term progressive refers to a number of different aspects of electronic dance music. In a technical sense, the word progressive suggests deep rhythms, slow-burning arrangements, hazy atmospheres, and a subtle approach to composition. Progressive can also mean cutting edge, fashionable, or “forward thinking.” It is a slippery concept, always changing.

Dark Psytrance Chart: 2008/10

I recently wrote about top tens and hinted that I might get back into the practice. After all, compiling and publishing a top ten chart is an easy way to recommend music, something we all like to do. Here is the first set of tracks I have compiled in recent weeks—ten dark thrillers to light

Progressive Chart: 2007/01

It is time for another round of progressive recommendations! My purpose is to highlight noteworthy tracks not conventionally available to the CD-buying psytrance DJs out there. Although Beatport sells thousands of psytrance tracks, I seldom find very many worth purchasing—mainly due to the exorbitant price of a full CD’s worth after “wave handling fees” are

Progressive Chart: 2006/10

Recently I’ve been purchasing more music from Beatport than ever before. Although I am known as a psytrance DJ my tastes are broadening and it’s a good place to look for progressive house and similar styles. The economics of purchasing psytrance on CD still prevails over digital downloads in most cases, whereas progressive house, electro,