From Earth Orbit is an electronic music blog organized around my work as a DJ, label owner, publicist, designer, collector, and historian. I’m your host, widely known as DJ Basilisk or Synaptic FX, but you can call me Alexander. I’ve been actively DJing and blogging about underground electronic music since the early 2000s, initially with a strong focus on the psychedelic trance scene, and later with broader interests in techno, house, electro, IDM, downtempo, and anything else that catches my ear. In the late 2000s I became known for operating Ektoplazm, a free music distribution portal and label group active until 2012, and mostly in hibernation since then. This particular site launched in 2019 with material drawn from my extensive personal archives but I will be updating it with fresh content moving forward. With this blog I aim to share my love of underground electronic music through finely-crafted mixes, record charts, and articles, while also showcasing some of my own creative projects related to electronic music culture.


I began DJing as Basilisk in the year 2001, mostly to bring old school Goa trance back to the dance floors of Canada. Over time this project evolved into showcasing a wider range of psychedelic trance sounds before taking a more nostalgic turn. Nowadays I mostly use this name for DJing anything old and obscure, especially in the psytrance realm, but no longer exclusively limited by the boundaries of the genre. I have very consciously defied the rules of the game with this project and fully intend to express my love for archaic sounds under this name with no concern for passing fads in the music industry. You’ll see some evidence of this on my Facebook page, where I regularly discuss old and obscure music with a lively crowd of people.

Ten years after I began DJing I launched a second project, Synaptic FX, to explore deeper realms of sound. Initially the focus was on progressive techno made by psytrance artists but I later grew more interested in deep house and pop techno before looping around to progressive house and psychedelic techno again. More recently I began to integrate electro breaks and IDM into my performances. With this project I am more interested in staying current and exploring sounds at the cutting edge.

Origin of the Name

The name of this blog is an allusion to Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb, a post-apocalyptic novel by Philip K. Dick. In this story a nuclear exchange interrupts a mission to Mars and causes the collapse of human civilization. Walt Dangerfield, an astronaut stranded in earth orbit, broadcasts a radio show to the survivors, providing a sense of hope, moral clarity, and cultural continuity through music.


This is the latest of several web sites I’ve operated over the years to showcase my mixes, post charts and reviews, list events, and so on. The first of these launched in 2001, underwent numerous changes, and eventually relaunched in 2006 before morphing into a music distribution portal and record label group. Traffic streamed in and the site exploded in popularity—but it became increasingly awkward for me to share so much of my own work on the same platform, which was now more focused on original releases. My old charts, mixes, reviews, and posts were slowly hidden from view as I settled into my role as curator. Now that I have my own site again I hope to restore some of that old content—but not always in its original form.